Is it Persistance or a Waste of Time?

One of my favorite quotes is from John Steinbeck’s The Winter of Our Discontent.  In the book, the main character Ethan makes the statement, “No one wants advice–only corroboration” (93).  I assure you, dear reader, I would like your advice.  I would like to create a scenario and ask how you would proceed.  My motive in taking this poll is to try to figure out where persistence dies… and disintegrates into a waste of time.  I reserve the right to embellish this scene at my discretion so as not to bore you with how boring it really is.

A job has been posted that Bob (can we use Bob? any objections? Ok) is very excited about because it is an entry level position within a company he has been trying to breach for some time.  Bob goes through an interview process that takes about a month and then waits to hear the results.  After checking back with the very kind hiring manager, Bob learns that a decision could not be reached and the job is being reposted, and he is encouraged to apply again.  Bob wants to be diligent and persistent in his job search, but Bob is afraid he may be wasting his time.

So how many of you job searchers out there have had a similar situation to Bob’s?  The argument could be made that Bob should simply use this as a learning experience and move on.  But Bob could also incorporate this learning experience into re-applying for this very position.  It should be mentioned that Bob has the time to waste because he really would only be out  the time it takes him to fill out the online application again.  So the question becomes something more prideful, I think.  Should he stick his neck out again to show the kind folks at the company that he really wants the job, or should he take this answer as a closed door and move on?


One thought on “Is it Persistance or a Waste of Time?

  1. Hi all! I started this blog just a few weeks ago to open a platform for others to talk about their job seeking experiences. I have posted a few thoughts and scenarios that pertain to me, but I would love to hear what others have experienced. Please join me in talking about anything from changing your career to landing that perfect job and everything in between.


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